Our Riders

It’s with great pleasure we present you the amazing remote workers that made one or several working trips accross Europe. Every experience is unique. Have a look at their stories.

Claire Jeandroz, film maker

In 2009, she launched an association dedicated to teaching the art of film making.


Film maker

Clément, Le Wagon alumni

He decided to learn Ruby on Rails and now he is passionated about web development.


Web developer

Lars, Unless co-founder

Designer turned programmer, Lars likes to make cool stuff.


Designer / Web developer

Guillaume, digital arts

Backpacker, traveler, he also co-founded La Coroutine, coworking space in Lille, France.


Digital arts

David, Le Wagon alumni

Learned how to code & launched a web app that helps judges to manage tennis tournaments.


Web developer

Michèle, Unless co-founder

Social scientist turned programming geek. Co-founded Unless to create great products.


Social scentist / Developer

François, Talkus co-founder

He co-founded Talkus, an embedded website chat tool connected to Slack.


Startup CTO

Nicolas, cat lover

If you want to pique his interest, give him an opportunity to learn something new.


Rails Developer / Teacher

David aka flexbox on GitHub

Traveller & Music lover, David explores the world & solves problems for people. — move fast & get sh$t done!


Front-end dev / Teacher

Cecile, remote working addict

Cecile loves traveling Europe while working remotely for her clients. She decided to start taking people along on her trips!


Rails Developer / Teacher

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