Poland (11-16 March)


Second journey and a brand new adventure. This time, a friend joined me.

Let's meet Thomas!


Born in Paris in 1984, Thomas is now a full packed Chti living in Lille, France.

Why Poland?

We went to Poland for a special occasion. We attended a Ruby conference. In fact one of the best Ruby conference in Europe.

Anyway, as we're really lucky. It turns out that Mateusz, one of our ex-coworker, is living in Warsaw.

Mateusz & Thomas

5 days in Warsaw / Wroclaw

So let's go! We'd visited him in Warsaw and then went to Wroclaw for the conference.

Day 1: Visiting Warsaw

We spent our first day in Poland visiting the city. Fortunately, that was a sunny day. We visited the old town and went back by foot to the city center.

On the afternoon, we visited the insurrection museum and spent the evening with our friend. What a great day!

Visiting Warsaw

Day 2-4: Conference in Wroclaw

We didn't have much time to visit Wroclaw. I already visited the city so it didn't bothered me. Anyway, the wroc_love.rb conference was really good.

Attending Wroclove.rb

Day 5: Working from Foap in Warsaw

Back to Warsaw for our last day, we decided to work from there. We didn't have the opportunity to look for a coworking space. Foap, the company where our friend was working simply proposed us to work from their office.

They lend us their meeting room. What can we say about their office? Just amazing. Big open space not crowded at all. Plus a kitchen, meeting rooms, ping pong table room and a huge room dedicated to thawing.

Unfortunately it's already time to say goodbye. For sure we'll come back.

Working from Foap office

What I've learned

Food. The food is so cheap and you have so much quantity in your plate. That's incredible.

But most important, I've learned that train is really slow in this country. So slow that in general it's indicated to prefer bus over trains.

Don't hesitate to take express trains. These are not high speed train. They just stop to 5-8 stations instead of 20+. You're now warned!

Old man killing time in so slow Polish train

What next?

That was a different journey from the first one. I liked to travel with a friend and visit another one on site.

Next trip may be closer. Stay tuned!

But what about YOU?!

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