Coworkings and Cafés in Japan


So yep, with Nicolas, we've been to Japan and we've used some of our time to work a bit. Nicolas wrote an article about how we've travelled through Japan while working. As a follow up, I propose here a listing of all the places we've worked from.

Some of the places that I'm going to list don't have any wifi connection but we didn't care because we had a Pocket Wifi. So if you go to Japan, make sure to get one.


Coworking Impact Hub

Impact Hub Tokyo
  • Website:
  • Good internet connection
  • Open space area & Tables in the café area
  • Always provide iced tea

We worked at Impact Hub coworking for one month. It's a great place to work from and it's really well located. It's a few minutes away from the Meguro river, a nice spot to have a break or just enjoy Hanami (provided you're there in April!).

Impact Hub café Iced tea at Impact Hub

Café Today is my life!

Iced tea at Today is my life!

We stayed one afternoon at Today is my life! café. It's a nice café with an amazing decor and bathroom (you have to try it!). Actually, it was the perfect spot - cozy and relaxing - to prepare all my postcards for my family and friends.

Just one thing, be sure to leave the place before dinner's time in order to not bother them.

Today is my life! café


Coworking Oinai Karasuma

Oinai Karasuma - Lounge
  • Website:
  • Good internet connection
  • Open space area
  • Staff does not really speak English (yet)
  • Kindish remote workers friendly

We worked 2 days from Oinai Karasuma coworking. Like mentionned above, the staff does not really speak English but they were always willing to help us. And there is always someone available in the building to do the translation. They are also not (yet) used to remote workers coming to work only for few days but they managed something for us.

Oinai Karasuma coworking

Oh and we had an amazing lunch with the other coworkers, it was a homemade Pho soup!

Lunch at Oinai Karasuma Pho at Oinai Karasuma

Café Kaikado

Kaikado café

We didn't work from the Kaikado café but it seemed to be a good place to work from. People around us were having some delicacies, reading books or working on some design project.

Green tea, Kaikado café Iced tea, Kaikado café

By the way, if you like cheesecakes, don't leave the place without trying it!

Cheesecake at Kaikado café


Coworking Mocco

Mocco coworking, Himeji

We didn't really expect to find a coworking space in Himeji. Well, yes, as tourists, we were there for the Castle! But since we had a few hours to kill before taking our train, we tried the Mocco coworking space. It's nice and quiet, perfect to get some work done.


Café Soeur

Café Soeur, Takayama

Again, we didn't really expect to find a nice place to work from in Takayama. After all, it's quite a small city (compared to… well, Tokyo and Kyoto for instance) hidden somewhere in the mountains.

So, we've found the Café Soeur and we've spent one afternoon working there. The place provides a nice view over the river, which is quite relaxing.

Café Soeur Iced tea, Café Soeur

Toasts, Café Soeur Pastries, Café Soeur

Miyajima / Itsukushima (Hiroshima Bay)

Café Itsuki Coffee

Itsuki Coffee

If you're not familiar with Japan geography, Itsukushima is a small island located in the Hiroshima bay. The place is well known by tourists thanks to its Torii located in the water.

Miyajima Torii

It's not that easy to find a suitable place to work from. Of course, there are no coworking spaces. After our visits of the torii, temple and pagodas, we've been to the Itsuki Coffee.

We went to the backroom to have more space, plugs and not disturb tourists. I wouldn't say it's the perfect place to work from but it does the job.


Café Othello Specialty Coffee Roaster

Othello Specialty Coffee Roaster, Beppu

The place is quite small. There are a few small tables and a large wooden table. We worked from there for a few hours before leaving the city. It's a nice place.

Oh and the coffee smells really good. Too bad I don't like coffee.

Large wooden table, Othello Coffee Breakfast at Othello Coffee

Naha, Okinawa



That's already the end of the road, Okinawa, the last island we've been to. We've found the T&M COFFEE on our way back from an amazing restaurant (more about this one below).

We went upstairs in order to enjoy a cozier and less loudy atmosphere but don't get fooled, the music is really nice, they have a good iced tea and a delicious tiramisu. We were in love with this place and spent 2 afternoons working from there.

T&M COFFEE - upstairs Iced tea, T&M COFFEE

Tiramisu, T&M COFFEE Toasts, T&M COFFEE

One word about this amazing restaurant we've been to. It's called Ganso Daito Soba. They propose Daito soba soup for sure, but the best part is their swordfish sushi. You have to try that one too, it's delicious!

That's it. Hope you've found this list useful.

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