Coworkings and Cafés in Budapest


A little bit of context first: Cécile and I went to Budapest in September 2017, for a tech conference. Other people joined us on our discovery of the city. Budapest is incredible. We enjoyed the food, the coffee places, and more poetically the feelings of beauty and grandiosity the city was offering us.

Buuuuut in the mean time, we also had to get some work done! So here it comes! A list of places we recommend (or not!) if you want … to get some work done 😬



D18 is a pretty nice café, but with a shitty wifi. Seriously bad. I had to use my phone data plan, then we just decided to go elsewhere. Food is pretty good though.

D18 Café

California Coffee Company

The California Coffee Company is a decent place, with lots of space. But it's a chain (hipster rant coming in!). But still, it's nice.

California Coffee Company

Magveto Café

The BEST place we went to. Magveto Café has an amazing atmosphere, the food and tea were awesome. Definitely go there. We spent two afternoons there. That's how we liked it 👍

Magveta Café



Kaptar is a super nice coworking. Bright, lots of light, nice snacks, good wifi, good organisation.

Kaptar coworking

New Work Labs

[BAD style] Don't go there, except if you really have no other choice. It's not a coworking space. There's only one room, with a big ass table sitting in the center. It's a pain in the ass to register to. Like 4-5 pages 💩 form requiring personal info for no reasons.

The Hub & LOffice

Not convinced? Few years ago, Cécile also tried The Hub and LOffice. They are also pretty nice. Note that LOffice has also a café on the rooftop of their building.

Bistro & Café of LOffice coworking

That’s all folks! I hope you’ll hit these places up and enjoy them as much as we did! Let us know if you did 😉

Note: You can also read more about Budapest in the previous article written by Cécile.

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