Poland (back again)


Going to wrocloverb conference has always been a perfect excuse to go back to Poland and keep discovering the country. So I came back there in March.

Last time I stayed a few days in Warsaw with Thomas and we visited our friend Mateusz. This time, while still visiting my friend in Warsaw, I decided to spend a little bit more time in Wroclaw and go to a new city, Krakow.


In fact, it started to snow a lot just when we arrived. We, yes, Nicolas was there too, of course! Well, I'm not really used to really cold temperatures below zero (we've got -12 degrees on the RealFeel scale!). So we tried to limit our outings as much as possible.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed an incredible view of Wroclaw under the snow. It's was beautiful.

Wroclaw under the snow

Enough talking, apart from the conference, we also worked a bit during our stay. Our main working spot was the Kawalerka Café. It's a nice retro like café. I like the details in the decoration and furniture. Oh and their white tea is delicious.

Kawalerka café, Wroclaw White tea at Kawalerka

We had the chance to leave the city on a beautiful sunny day. So we took some time to visit the city center before continuing our journey.

City center of Wroclaw



We stayed only a few days in Krakow and taking into account its size, it's not enough. So we focused on exploring our neighborhood, Kazimierz.

Our housing was really well located. So well that we were staying just in front of a street food market and Stara Zajezdnia, a micro brewery hidden in an old tram depot.

Street food market in Krakow

We could enjoy nice local beers, try a polish style pulled-pork sandwich, or even go for a ramen and get some Hungarian sweet bread as desert.

And YES! We tried the famous zapiekanka. In France, when it is late in the night, people go for a kebab. Zapiekanka could be considered as the de facto polish late night junk food.

Store selling zapiekanka in Kazimierz Two beautiful zapiekanka


When time came to work, we went to a coworking space that was literally 10 minutes away from our home. It's called Milk coworking and photo studio.

Located in an old building in the Szeroka street, on the opposite side of the old synagogue, the space is bright and offers a few desks.

Milk Coworking and photo studio

The only thing I could regret is the fact that the manager is not here all day long. She came especially to show us the space in the morning and then came back at the end of the day to get our payment done. Thus there were no bounding between people. We were just people working in the same room.

Small couch at Milk Coworking Drawings hanging on the wall of Milk Coworking

For the rest, we worked from home. The flat was really nice, offering a view on a sunny sky and we could play music.


We've also dedicated some time to visit the city. Since we didn't have much time, we visited our neighborhood and the old city center.

We joined two walking tours. One was focused on the Jewish history and the other one about the history of the city itself.

City center of Krakow

Well, for sure, that wasn't enough to really discover Krakow. We might come back sooner or later!

But what about YOU?!

We'd love to meet you and go for a ride.

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