Barcelona (2 weeks)


Last year in September, we went to Barcelona for the first time. We spent two weeks in the most active neighborhood of the city.

As always, we were there for both remote working and visiting the city. Let's first talk about work first, then restaurants and places to visit.

Coworking at MOB

From a recommandation of friends living in Barcelona, we gave a try to MOB coworking space. They have a few spaces in the city. We went to the one in Bailen.

The coworking is located in a building where there's also a café and a fablab. The space has two floors with a few hotdesk and fixed desk areas, meeting rooms and phone booths.

MOB coworking - Bailen MOB coworking, meeting room

MOB coworking, basement MOB coworking, flex desks

We really liked our time at the coworking. Oh and the food and tea from the café were also really good.

La Tartarería

Speaking of food, this restaurant, La Tartarería… I can't describe it. It's such an experience. It's basically raw food, all kinds of raw food: from beef to veggies but the ingredients are magnified in such delicious flavors… It was just incredible.

La Tartarería restaurant, Smoked beef tartare and potato waffle La Tartarería restaurant, Tuna Bluefin tartare, botarga and crispy rice wafer

La Tartarería restaurant, Crispy rice wafer and tuna tartare La Tartarería restaurant, Iberian pork tartare and seasonal mushrooms

Note that it's quite a pricey restaurant and my photos are yellow & ugly, yep 🙈

Parking Pita

On the other side of the spectrum, meet Parking Pita! A street food place located in what used to be a parking lot.

Again the food was really good. I especially liked the shawarma.

Parking Pita, parking entrance Parking Pita, tabouleh

Parking Pita, shawarma pita Parking Pita, a real parking place

Note that on the other side of the parking, you'll find Parking Pizza 🍕

Parking Pizza, entrance Parking Pizza

Barri Gòtic

For sure, the Gothic neighborhood is one of the most amazing in Barcelona. Its architecture is beautiful, its small streets are so nice, the night life is… overwhelming. Yes, it's a great neighborhood to visit or hang out but not to live in. Be warned.

Barri Gòtic district Barri Gòtic, Gothic architecture

Barri Gòtic, Plaça del Rei Barri Gòtic, square

One nice thing, we were hosted by a couple that runs a café located right below the flat. We really enjoyed their food and tea (yep, there's always tea in life).

The Merce

At the end of September, Catalonia celebrates the Merce, Saint Mercedes. During 5 days, there are events in all the city center.

These days were just crazy. There were so many people in the city 😱 All flats and rooms were booked and packed. There was an event at every corner of the city center.

Merce celebration

As for us, we went to a street food event in the Gothic neighborhood. We enjoyed some red wine and tapas of course!

Merce BORN festival Merce BORN festival, red wine

Merce BORN festival, tapas Merce BORN festival, street food

Cooking workshop

I was also in Barcelona for the second retreat of the year of one of my clients. Among the activities we've done, my favorite one was definitely the cooking workshop.

We learned how to make a typical spanish / catalan menu with pan con tomato, paella, crema catalunia and sangria. That was a wonderful moment to share with the whole team.

Cooking workshop, Ingredients Cooking workshop, Pan con tomata & Sangria

Cooking workshop, Foodie Experience Cooking workshop, Paella

Fun Fact: Japanese food lovers 🍜

Ok that one, I didn't expect it. Before arriving in Barcelona, we were in Amsterdam for a week.

In Amsterdam, we have our two favorite Japanese restaurants: Hakata Senpachi and Umaimon by Takumi. Of course, during our one week stay, we went to both of them.

The funny thing is that, two days after our arrival in Barcelona, we went to a Japanese restaurant. Then we realised that all the decoration, cuttlery, porcelain, etc. looked familiar.

We were eating in one of the Takumi restaurant's of Barcelona 😂

Takumi restaurant Takumi restaurant, Curry and gyoza

That's it for our first time in Barcelona. We hope our friends will be in town next time.

But what about YOU?!

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